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What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is hair that has not been chemically processed or changed no bleach, dye, perm, etc. Virgin hair is one of the highest and most sought after by those who are looking for quality.

How Many Bundles Will I Need?

10inch - 18inch 2-3 bundles 20inch - 30 inch 3-4 bundles *You may need less/more it depends on the desired look you want to achieve.

Can I bleach/dye my virgin hair?

Absolutely! Your hair can be bleached, dyed, and permed. I recommend seeking a professional, after all if it is not done properly it can ruin your investment.

How many ounces are each bundle?

3.5oz or 100g

How long should my Virgin hair Last me?

With proper care and maintenance this hair can last you 24 months or longer. Please take note not washing the hair as it should will shorten the life span of the hair. Not applying oil properly will dull the extensions which can and will cause tangling and matting. ANY chemical process can shorten the life span of your investment. Treat this hair as you should treat your natural hair with tender, love, and care. This is your investment take care of your investement!

What is a Glue-Less unit?

A glue-less unit from Amplify My Beauty Boutique is a unit customized to your head shape using your specfic measurements. With our glue-less units you won't need an elastic band, wig combs, straps, or any type of adhesive, although they are optional if you so choose. The way we construct our units you will not need any of those.

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